Leveraging its close relationships with petroleum refineries throughout the world, PRIMARY is able to supply to its customers a wide range of products derived from the oil refining process. These products are utilized in a variety of industries.

Lubricant Base Oils

These base oils are used in the manufacturing of lubricating oils for the automotive and marine industries.


A wide range of asphaltic products can be made available to buyers, including conventional, modified and pigmented emulsions with enhanced and environmentally friendly characteristics as well as binders for industrial applications.


General Use – A wide range of waxes and paraffins designed for the manufacture of candles.

Construction Use – Wax emulsions are used as agents for de-molding, water-repelling and curing.

Paper Industry  – The packaging industry requires very high standard paraffins to provide an effective barrier against moisture while at the same time providing a glossy, flexible and strong finish.

Waxes for Rubber – Wax range designed to protect static rubber from ozone humidity and temperatures; a product used by many tire companies.


Plasticizing Oils – Paraffinic and aromatic oils that facilitate the processing of various types of rubber.

Process Aids – These are used to reduce rubber mix viscosity and increase extruder output speed.

Components for cables

Fills for telephone and fiber optic cabling; these are designed to provide water tightness protection against corrosion and electrical isolation.